Compact and extendable parasol


The Foldabrella is a compact and extendable parasol. It scores especially with its compact size and is therefore easy to transport.

Whether on the beach, at a lake, in the park or in the leisure pool - the Foldabrella provides shade everywhere.
The Foldabrella provides shade and protection from the sun everywhere.

Short description of the invention

The Foldabrella consists of a base, umbrella pole and umbrella head.

The pole is extended and retracted by means of a telescopic mechanism. When folded, it is no longer than 40 cm and can be extended four times. To ensure stability, a wider diameter is used than with conventional umbrella poles.

In the lowest part, the foot piece, there is a hollow space which has an opening. Sand, for example, can be filled in here to optimise the stability of the parasol. Furthermore, if required, removable/attachable spikes or a ground anchor are attached so that the parasol can be anchored better in the earth/sand.

The parasol head can be attached to the telescopic pole by means of a click system.

Advantages of the invention


space-saving transportable

Parasols are often bulky and awkward to carry around. Thanks to the telescopic pole, the Foldabrella can be pushed together as small as possible and thus scores with a compact format. It fits into any backpack or carrier bag and can be transported in a space-saving way.

Sun protection to Go

The compact and extendable parasol is easy to transport and can therefore also be taken along on trips.

It can thus provide good shade in many places.


Due to the wider diameter of the umbrella pole and the additional filling option of the foot section, greater stability is achieved. In addition, it can be fixed well into the ground by means of the attachable tips.

The Foldabrella can thus also withstand wind and rain.


The telescopic pole (approx. 40cm long when pushed together) can be extended up to four times. Depending on the position of the sun, the parasol then also offers sufficient shade and can be easily adjusted.

Foldabrella in Use

Area of Application

Many people are looking for a parasol that is both good quality and easy to carry on a bicycle, moped, scooter, bus, train or plane. Of course, the parasol must be able to withstand gusts of wind or a sudden rain shower. The Foldabrella fulfils all these requirements.

This makes it the perfect companion for excursions in places where shady trees are not always available. So you can relax, play or eat in the shade without having to carry a lot around.

by the sea


at the lakeside


after cooling off

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Playing in the shade

Sandpit & Playground

Rest in the park


Shady lunch break


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utility model protection

The invention relates to a compact, extendable parasol which, when folded, takes up very little space, is quick to set up and can be anchored well in the ground. The parasol consists of two parts which are attached to each other by means of a click system, where the first part is the parasol head with the parasol (1) and the second part consists of a single telescopic pole (2) which can be extended to four times its length, has a cavity (3) with a closable opening (4) in the lowest part and has removable/attachable tips/ground anchors (5).

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AT Utility Model

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Compact and extendable parasol



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